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BIKESOUP workshop

Image of the bicycle workshop saying Services and Repairs

Welcome to Bikesoup's service and repairs hub! At Bikesoup, we're all about keeping you and your trusty wheels rolling smoothly. Whether you're cruising on a road bike, zipping through town on your commuter, folding up a Brompton, or embracing the electric buzz, our team of skilled mechanics is here to cater to your bike's every need.

From fine-tuning to major fixes, we specialize in performance-centric servicing and repairs, ensuring your ride is in top-notch condition. Need a quick turnaround? No problem! With our same-day service options, we'll have you back in the saddle in a jiffy.

Plus, booking with us is a breeze! Simply click on the "Begin your booking" button at the bottom of our page to schedule your service with ease.

Bike Services

Price (£)
Safety Check
An overall inspection of the bike to ensure it is safe to ride.
Mid Service
A comprehensive service including adjustments and lubrication.
Full Service
A complete overhaul of the bike including cleaning, adjustments, and replacements.
Brompton Full Service
A specialized full-service tailored for Brompton bikes.

Repair Services

Price (£)
15 Minutes Labour
Labour charge for a quick repair or adjustment.
Puncture Repair
Fixing a puncture and replacing the inner tube if necessary.
Tyre Fitting
Fitting a new tyre onto the rim of the wheel.
Bike Wash
Cleaning the bike thoroughly.
Box A Bike
Packaging the bike securely for transport.
Bottom Bracket Fitting
Installation of a new bottom bracket.
Brake Service From
Adjustment or replacement of brake components.
Gear Service From
Adjustment or replacement of gear components.
Brake Bleed (per Brake)
Bleeding air from brake lines.
Road Brake Bleed (Per-Brake)
Bleeding air from road bike brake lines.
Cable Fitting
Installation or replacement of cables.
Mudguard Fitting
Installation or replacement of mudguards.
Headset Fitting
Installation or replacement of the headset.
Hub Service Each
Service or repair of the bicycle hub.
Tubeless Conversion (Per Tyre)
Conversion of tyres to tubeless setup.
Wheel Build (per wheel)
Building a new wheel for the bike.
Standard Wheel True
Adjustment of spokes to correct wheel alignment.
Tubeless Wheel True
Adjustment of tubeless wheels for correct alignment
Di2 Service
Service and adjustment of Di2 electronic shifting systems.
Internal Cable Routing Surgecharge
Charge for routing cables internally on the bike.

E-Bike Services

Price (£)
E-bike Barrel Change
Replacing the barrel on the e-bike.
E-bike Battery Capacity Test
Testing the capacity and performance of the e-bike battery.
E-bike Display Change
Installing a new display unit on the e-bike.
E-bike Diagnostic
Diagnosing and troubleshooting issues with the e-bike.
E-bike Internal Wire Change
Replacing internal wiring components on the e-bike.
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